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Progressive Concaves

Kuchar All Crop Progressive Concaves have a proprietary and patented design that’s far superior to OEM concaves. Kuchar Progressive Concaves have 65 % more open area in the thresh and separation area than John Deere OEM Round Bar Concaves. 

Kuchar Progressive Concaves are slightly narrower in front and gain width toward the back,  allowing you to run a wider concave setting with more rotor speed. This results in better separation and practically eliminates rotor loss compared to OEM equipment.  

Kuchar  Progressive Concaves eliminate material build-up in the concave and improve material flow for more capacity. You get a cleaner sample in the bin and less grain on the ground.  

Rasp Bars & Impeller

Kuchar Rasp Bars move the material on the top of the cage as well as on the concaves to give you a better job of threshing without overloading the shoe. You also get better separation and a cleaner sample in the bin with less cracking and grinding of the grain. The machine pulls easier and uses less fuel.

The Kuchar Impeller does not block off the flighting. Its design allows even feeding of crop into the rotor, so the machine does a better job of threshing and separation. It also eliminates dust coming out of the feeder house. 


The John Deere Impeller blocks the front of the rotor and doesn’t easily let material through. This leads to back feed over the feeder chain and causes dust to come out of the front of the feeder house.

Concaves & Separating Gates

Kuchar All Crop Concaves allow you to run wider with more rotor speed giving you a cleaner and nicer sample in the bin. The concaves can be used in corn, beans, milo, wheat and grass seed. They eliminate build-up in the concaves and prevent plugging.

Kuchar Separating Grates for John Deere STS machines do not tear up the material. That means there’s less rotor loss and the chaffer doesn’t get loaded. The result is a cleaner sample in the bin.

Accelerator & Discharge Beaters

A Kuchar Spiral Accelerator takes material off the feeder chain to eliminate back feeding and puts less stress on the chain. It feeds the rotor evenly for better threshing and separation with little to no dust coming out of the feeder house. Rocks and foreign material will be pushed into the rock trap to keep them from going into the rotor and causing damage.

Kuchar's Discharge Beater takes the material off the rotor faster than the OEM parts and feeds the straw chopper more evenly for a wider and better spread behind the straw chopper.


The Kuchar Step Rotor is heavier than a factory OEM rotor, providing   more inertia to run smoother, especially in tougher conditions. A Kuchar Rotor pulls easier and provides smoother threshing, which uses less fuel.  The Kuchar Step Rotor doesn’t break up material, which loads the shoe. That means there’s less grain loss over the rotor and a cleaner sample in the hopper with less broken kernels.  All of these results mean more profit for you.

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JDsts progressive concaves
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