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About Kuchar

George Kuchar was born and raised on a North Dakota grain farm. He worked on a commercial harvesting crew for several years and learned the ins and outs of combine performance. He also learned that combine performance could be improved and cleaner grain could be achieved  with a better concave design and smoother material flow. In 1983 he began designing and selling specialized high performance combine parts that delivered these results:

  • Increased Productivity

  • Better Threshing

  • Cleaner Grain Samples 

  • Reduced Fuel Consumption

  • More Bushels Per Acre

  • More Profit Per Acre

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Kuchar High Performance Combine Parts are all American Made, using high abrasive steel. They have long wear life and produce outstanding results. 

George Kuchar shows his latest patented designs at farm shows all over North America. He talks with his customers and is always welcoming new ones. 


About 80% of George’s business is from repeat buyers. More than half of his new buyers hear about his products from satisfied customers. You can read testimonials from customers on this website or call George and ask for the names of people to visit with yourself.   


All of George’s customers agree that Kuchar High Performance Specialized and Patented parts will improve your machine’s productivity and deliver cleaner grain. 


Kuchar parts are made in Southern Illinois and sold direct to customers throughout North America.  Call or write George today for more information on the parts to use in your machine.  


         (217) 854-9838 or (217) 999-8180

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