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Kuchar parts made for

Massey Ferguson & Fendt

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The Kuchar High Performance Massey Ferguson Rotor spirals the material from front to back in 3 seconds; compared to the Massey Ferguson Rotor, which takes 12 seconds with the straight bars. The Kuchar Massey Ferguson Rotor feeds better, gives you a better thresh and more separation because there is less material in the machine. The back separating bars can be adjusted from slow to fast speed for different types of crops and conditions for ultimate efficiency. The Kuchar Massey Ferguson Rotor will also save on fuel.

Concave for Massey Ferguson

Kuchar Concave for Massey Ferguson provides you more capacity and uses less fuel because they pull easier. Our concaves help prevent tearing of the material, so the chaffer does not load. It gives you a cleaner and less cracked sample in the bin.

Progressive Concave for Massey Ferguson

The Kuchar Concave for Massey Ferguson's 31" Rotor are Progressive Concaves.  They are all crop concaves that will work in corn, soybeans, wheat and milo. They will not chew up the material to load the shoe.  They thresh better, give a better quality of grain and pull easier. You do not have to change the concave when you change crops.

Concaves for Fendt

Kuchar concave for Fendt combines have 36% more open space than Fendt wire concave.

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Massy Fendt rotors
Massey Fendt Mconcaves
Massey Fendt Mprog concaves
Massey Fendt Fconcaves
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