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Iowa - Case IH customer

I purchased Kuchar Concaves for a Case IH 7088.  I am completely satisfied with the results:  More capacity, less rotor loss and a better sample in the tank over the OEM concaves.

My name is Jim Reeder, I raise commercial corn and soybeans in central Illinois.  I have a 5130 International combine with a 8 row corn head and a 25 foot platform. In the past few years I have had trouble cutting green stem beans. I want to use fungicide on my beans for better yields but have only treated a few acres because they were so hard to harvest.  This fall I installed a set of Kuchar concaves in my 5130.  I was able to cut green stem beans with green leaves still on them with NO trouble. These concaves never plugged. I still had a clean sample and was able to run a mile an hour faster with less fuel consumption. I also some harvested green leaf corn with NO problem.  Next year I will treat all of my beans with fungicide.

Randy Ouverson, central MN

WOW is all I can say! I installed the Kuchar kit last fall and went to harvest and I couldn't believe the difference these parts made in my 9550 walker combine. I literally doubled my acres per day on beans from the previous year with the absolute cleanest sample I have ever had. My best day was 150 acres compared to 75 the previous year! I also saw an increase in productivity on corn as well with a very clean sample. Seemed to flow through extremely well. Very impressed with these products and it was the best investment I have made on my farm to this day. I would definitely purchase again. Customer for life. Thank you George.

Mike Cossins-Missouri

"Good morning George, wanted you to know how pleased we are with the John Deere Concaves we purchased from you.  We reduced losses, improved the grain tank sample and the combine adjustments were quite simple. Good Product!"

Reggie Askew-North Carolina

"Our 9560 STS John Deere would not thresh grain out of the pods in tough conditions. We had to up the rotor speed to the point where it split the beans to get them out of the pods. We were going to change machines until we found Kuchar Combine Parts. I called George, told him the problems we were having and he recommended the parts that would fix our problems. Now we can pick beans in very wet conditions with no split beans and a cleaner sample in the tank, nothing on the ground and the machine pulled a lot easier in tough conditions! Without these parts we would have traded our combine for a different color."

David Virgin-Indiana

My partner, Scott Odie and I farm 4,000 acres; 1,700 soybeans and 2,300 acres of corn in 2014. We have always harvested with John Deere combines. This year the machine was an S680 with a 40 foot JD draper for beans and a 16R30" Drago corn head. I gutted a brand new machine and replaced it with George's high performance kit. We only logged 254.4 separating hours and 390.8 engine hours. Plus a higher quality of grain and more even flow through the machine, than I had ever encountered! If it wasn't for our local JD dealer and George, I would be looking for a different colored machine! Farmer approved!"

Glen McElwain-Butler, MO - 9760 STS
"We first started revamping our combines using Kuchar Combine Parts with our JD 9600 models and continue to do so, on our JD STS models. We have found that we consistently get more capacity, better grain quality, less grain damage and it is more cost effective."

Josh Beetz-Mendota, IL - 9750 STS
"When we first got our STS John Deere combines we couldn't believe the poor thrashing results with the factory parts, so we called Kuchar, and had him convert our combines to Kuchar Parts and immediately saw a better sample, easier thrashing. It's more cost effective because you do more thrashing in less time! If Kuchar has something for your combine you'd better install it!"

Joe Koch-Marsden, SK, Canada - 9860 STS
"We first installed Kuchar Combine Parts in our JD 9860 STS in June of 2008. We found that we gained 20% capacity. The heavier rotor runs smoother than the factory models, we have less grain loss and I'm very impressed with the smoothness of thrashing. It is money well spent!"

Bob Landgren- Wilton, ND - 9750 STS
"We installed Kuchar concaves in our Deere 9750 STS and noticed fewer white caps and a much cleaner sample in our wheat. We used the same concaves for pinto beans, which saved us time and labor not having to change out the OEM wheat concaves for the bean concaves. We only had 1/2% splits this year in the beans compared to 2-3% in previous years. I think part of that improvement came from the new concaves. I've had Kuchar parts in three other Deere machines and have always been satisfied with the performance."

Sam Ellis- Chrisman, IL - 9750 STS
"We own a Deere 9750 STS. With Kuchar Concaves, we're getting a much cleaner sample in corn and soybeans. The machine handles tougher conditions better and is able to maintain full capacity. The concaves stay clean and haven't experienced any trash buildup like there was with the OEM concaves. We're very satisfied with the Kuchar concaves and the cleaner grain they produce."

Sam Whiting- Gillett, AR - JD 9600
"I have installed Kuchar parts in my 9600 and everything George said they would do they have done. The machine is more efficient, I can harvest faster, and I capture more grain. His parts and modifications reduced my field loss to about 2/3rds of a bushel of rice per acre. Other machines lose 2½ to 4 bushels per acre. George really knows what a combine is made of and his word is good."

Tim Bishop-Queenstown, MD - JD 9500
"We harvest about 500 acres of corn, and 400 of wheat and soybeans with a JD 9500. We were having problems with cobs in the corn, dust in the soybeans, and poor performance in all three crops. After installing a Super Kit, we were travelling 4mph anytime in wheat. In the double crop beans that followed, there was not dust problem and no volunteer wheat. In corn, the machine ran smoother and produced a very clean sample with less cracked and broken kernels. The elevator said it was the cleanest corn they had seen. I figure we paid for our parts in the first year of operation."

Dave Pelzer- Estherville, IA - JD 9600
"I was having problems with grinding corn on my 9600 and thought it was my settings. After seeing the same problem at the Farm Progress Show, I knew the combine was the problem, not me. So I installed George's Concave, Super Kit and Steel Curtains. These parts reduced the screenings and foreign material. The better action in the straw walkers mean I'm leaving less grain in the field. It also takes less horsepower, and I can drive faster."

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