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John Deere STS

Accelerator & Discharge Beaters

A spiral accelerator, it takes the material off of the feeder chain to eliminate back feeding and puts less stress on the chain. Feeds the rotor more evenly for better thrash and separation with little to no dust coming out of the feeder house and will push rocks and foreign material into the rock trap to keep from going into the rotor and causing damage.

Kuchar's Discharge Beater takes the material off the rotor faster and feeds the straw chopper more evenly for a wider and better spread behind the straw chopper.

Rasp Bars & Impeller

The rasp bar technology moves the material on the top of the cage as well as on the concaves to give you a better job of thrash so it doesn't overload the shoe. It gives a better separation and a cleaner sample in the bin with less cracking and grinding of the grain. It pulls easier and uses less fuel.

The Kuchar Impeller does not block off the flighting. The Kuchar Impeller design allows for an even feed of crop into the rotor, which allows for a better job of thrashing and more separation. It also eliminates dust coming out of the feeder house. The John Deere Impeller blocks the front of the rotor and will not let the material through. This leads to back feed over the feeder chain and causes dust to come out of the front of the feeder house.

Concaves & Separating Grates

The Kuchar All Crop Concaves allow you to run wider with more rotor speed giving you a cleaner and nicer sample in the bin. The concaves can be used in corn, beans, milo, wheat, and grass seed. They eliminate the build up and prevent plugging of the concaves.

The Kuchar Separating Grates for John Deere STS do not tear up the material so there is less rotor loss and the chaffer does not get loaded. The result is a cleaner sample in the bin.

Kuchar Progressive Concaves

Kuchar All Crop Progressive Concaves

Kuchar Progressive Concaves progress in width for better separation and practically eliminate Rotor Loss.  Kuchar Progressive Concaves allow you to run wider with more rotor speed.  They also eliminate build-up in the concave for more capacity, a cleaner sample in the bin, and less grain on the ground.  A set of Kuchar Concaves has 672 square inches more opening in the thrash and separation area than a set of John Deere Concaves. 

Kuchar Progressive Concaves are also made for Case IH, New Holland, and Massey Ferguson Combines


The Kuchar Step Rotor is heavier than the factory rotor for more inertia, which runs smoother in tougher conditions. Our rotor pulls easier, which uses less fuel and provides for smoother thrashing. The Kuchar Step Rotor does not break up the material, which loads the shoe. Therefore; the sample in the hopper is cleaner, with less broken kernels and less grain loss over the rotor. All of these results mean more profit to you.

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